Camilla Andersson

The success with the shrimp buffet continues, Wednesdays during the summer and on scheduled Fridays during the rest of the year. Bring your friends and enjoy the atmosphere.
Feast on our widely known delicious shrimps and enjoy our home made classical Swedish cheese pie (equally as delicious). Make sure to secure your spot in advance!

Make your reservation for 2019 first Shrimp buffets, Fridays at 18.00:
September 27th, October 25th and November 29th

Price adult: 299 SEK
Price children: 199 SEK

Children who don’t eat shrimp, pancakes 49 SEK

Included in the price: shrimp, cheese pie, three kinds of sauces/dips, garlic bread, salad, brie cheese, biscuits, grapes and coffee/tea.

To book call 044-28 93 00 or email, limited capacity!


16 December, 2018
Fredagsmys 2017

Shrimp buffet at Seaside!

31 August, 2016
Ålagillesweekend på Åhus Seaside

Genuine Ålagille!

5 August, 2016
Camilla Seaside

Summer in Åhus

How do you explain the summer in Ahus for someone who has never been here? How do you describe the scent of pine and sea? The experience of ice cream with fragrant freshly baked cone where each ball is like two and therefore must plan out to eat it as […]
17 May, 2016

Sweden Rock visitor!

Are you visiting Sweden Rock this summer? At Åhus Seaside you stay comfortably by the sea in charming Åhus. You can choose between rooms in our Bed & Breakfast or the Beach hotel, both affordable and situated right at the beach. To see the different room types click here. During […]
30 March, 2016

Prawns at Åhus Seaside this autumn

27 March, 2015

Party planner

We’ve been building, ordering, building some more, painting, ordered more, sent things back that weren’t good enough, built some more. I’ve mostly been organising the launch party. No only, but mainly. Organised the exhibitions, created ads, invitations, etc. It doesn’t feel like much when you think about it. I mean, […]
26 January, 2015
Receptionen 19 januari

Large chaos day – new blog entry from Camilla

Where did the autumn go? Christmas happened so fast and suddenly January is almost over too? For me December and January were all about planning the new website. We launched on January 19 and are really happy so far, though some parts are still works in progress. I’ve learned how […]
16 January, 2015

The team is complete!

Say hi to Magnus, Petra and Ing-Britt who are joining us at Åhus Seaside. Together with Åsa they will do all they can to make our guests feel welcome.